Why is bitcoin so controversial

A lot of its support and the opposition to it is ideological. Bitcoin is now of course being widely adopted by both the commoners as well as financial institutions alike. Why is bitcoin so controversial? Until why is bitcoin so controversial 2013, bitcoin was used more by drug dealers and other shady elements than the law-abiding mainstream. Bitcoin became the preferred mode of payment on murky deep Web sites and online marketplaces dealing in drugs, thanks to the anonymity it afforded to those dealing in drugs. It now looks to be establishing a floor around $32k..It allows people to circumvent btc new update various laws, including laws a. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency that is uncontrolled by any government and probably not controllable by any government. Dubious transactions: Unfortunately, Bitcoin caught the fancy of wrong sections of the community such as drug dealers and drug users Bitcoin has been gradually moving up overall the past week or so since that fake news double spend crashed the market under $30k. A study commissioned in the. Let us have a look at the controversy it has raised as per usage.